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BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 Lightshow Review & Giveaway

Comma celebrated his 1st birthday 2 weeks ago but that doesn’t stop me from being paranoid about his safety while he is in bed. Our baby monitor of choice always had a sensor pad (even with the older 2) and that was enough for me… or so I thought. A few weeks ago we were […] Read more…


Re-branding your blog?? I can’t help just yet!

When I first set up The Musing Housewife in November 2012, it fitted. It was a place for me to muse about everything going on in my life. Now, 28 months down the line, I’m just not feeling it. You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much… Partly because of a very busy […] Read more…

weight loss wednesday

Weight Loss Wednesday – A Tribute

I’m sorry for my absence with Weight Loss Wednesday (particularly as I am co-host) but the last month has been turbulent. <div align=”center”><a href=”” title=”Sim’s Life”><img src=”” alt=”Sim’s Life” style=”border:none;” /></a></div> On my return, though, I do not want to talk about my weight loss journey. Instead, I feel this week I should pay tribute […] Read more…


What’s for Dinner? – 09/03/2015

After a month long blogging break, I am tentatively stepping a toe back in. I can’t promise anything but I thought coming back with a Meal Plan Monday will be a good way to start. With the last few weeks being the weeks from hell (okay, there are people in worse situations but I’m struggling […] Read more…

weight loss wednesday

Weight Loss Wednesday

I’m afraid my Weight Loss posts are few and far between at the moment. Between being at that tired, early pregnancy stage; 3 children, 1 with a virus and a baby with tonsillitis and bronchiolitis again, I just haven’t had the brain power (nor time) to put pen to paper (figuratively speaking). I’m hoping that […] Read more…


My favourite bathtime moments! #voiceofmums

Bath time in our house is a fun time! However, with a 5 year old with atopic eczema and a 10 month old who is showing signs of it, bath time is no longer the bubble-tastic time it used to be. Despite this we still manage to have fun… every bath time is filled with […] Read more…


5 Ideas for Your Next Date Night

Scheduling regular date nights each week or month (or whenever you can manage them) provides time for you and your partner to touch base. Making time for each other is important for the health of your relationship. Whether you two are brand new to dating or you look back on those times fondly, here are […] Read more…

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