5 Ideas for Your Next Date Night

Scheduling regular date nights each week or month (or whenever you can manage them) provides time for you and your partner to touch base. Making time for each other is important for the health of your relationship. Whether you two are brand new to dating or you look back on those times fondly, here are […] Read more…

weight loss wednesday

Weight Loss Wednesday – Switching the plan

My third weigh in happened today and I’m finding Slimming World so much harder to follow than Weight Watchers. I am missing the freedom of Weight Watchers incredibly. With Weight Watchers if I wanted to use all of my day’s points on chocolate I could, admittedly it wouldn’t be very healthy but a bad day […] Read more…

maternity clothes

Get Fabulous Maternity Clothes And Keep Expectant Mums Stylish

Include fabulous maternity clothes made by Bump Baby and Beyond on your essentials list and other items you need and can buy before the baby arrives. Image by Jack Marion via Flickr   So two – instead of just one — lines showed up. The words (on your Clear Blue Easy Test) actually reads “pregnant.” […] Read more…

dear bump

Our family is growing… again!

2014 threw one last curveball at us before it ended. The curveball was totally unexpected and threw me off kilter for quite some time. If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve fully got my head around it. It would appear that I am growing another beautiful little human being inside me! If I am completely […] Read more…


Nifty Tricks: How to Make Your Home Appear More Spacious

So your home is feeling a little cramped. There are spots for everything, but everything seems to be taking up more space than it should be. Apart from a whole home re-design, how can you achieve a more spacious look? Is it possible to create a spacious look even if you’ve got limited space? Of […] Read more…


What’s For Dinner? – 19/01/2015

Last week’s meal plan simply did not happen. I came down with swollen glands and felt like crap… I couldn’t eat for 3 days and then made the most of eating when I could but I have made ALL of the wrong choices. I haven’t really gotten back on the wagon since, so scrub everything […] Read more…


Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Next Party

Having fun can often involve a bit of mess. The aftermath of a great time with friends can remain as a happy reminder of happy moments… Until the next party, that is. If you’re days (or even hours) away from having a party and need some ideas to get the place clean and keep it […] Read more…

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