‘Desire and Pleasure’ can ignite your passion!

‘Desire and Pleasure’ can ignite your passion!

This week my reading list has featured two books written by Sylvia Day, the author responsible for my disappointment when I realised the release date for the final Crossfire trilogy pushed back.  However, the books (a sneaky Christmas present to myself) have taken me back to a world where all men appear to be mercurial and virile.  A wife, girlfriend or mother who doesn’t find the idea of a man love-lusting after her thoroughly tantalizing, is few and far between.

After a while, one can get stuck in a little bit of a rut when it comes to bedroom sports.  The daily grind of life can be a bit of a passion killer.  However, there is hope for one yet.

The Family Planning Association, more commonly known as FPA, have launched a new online store with an exciting range of products to help one out of that rut.  (Including the one we have received that I’m eagerly awaiting the opportunity to try out).  Desire and Pleasure can provide anything from your run-of-the-mill vibrator to the more risqué (for me anyway) bondage gear.  Navigation around the site is easy to find just what you are looking for.

Not only will one get out of that rut, but in doing so with Desire and Pleasure you will be supporting the work of the FPA.

We are looking forward to experimenting with our new found ‘spice’ courtesy of Desire and Pleasure, and we are excited about creating our very own Crossfire Trilogy… ;)


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    • Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! :)

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