The Wedding Photographer Palaver

the weddingIt has been 11 days since we first received the news that the Best Man’s wedding photographer friends were letting us down.  This news led to tears, anger and panic (from me of course) and I left Hubby-to-be in a state of confusion wondering why I was so ‘unstable’ about it all.  I couldn’t believe that he was so calm, which, in turn, led to more frustration and tears.

Immediately, the task to find another wedding photographer began.  It wasn’t easy, I hate all those contemporary photographs that are mostly black and white with just a single strip of a vibrant (or key) colour actually in colour.  It’s just too artsy fartsy for us.  We both agreed that we want to remember the day as it was, warts & all… no major editing to the photographs.

I found one photographer who was available on our date (that evening), we made arrangements for him to visit and discuss the finer details.  However, disaster struck for the second time, when 2 days later he discovered he had double-booked (something about his business partner taking a booking and not letting him know).  Either way, it makes no difference, I inwardly started to panic.  However, the conversation ended with a recommendation of a new wedding photographer and an explanation that they were already aware that I’d be calling and they were available on the date.

Last Wednesday we met the wedding photographer for our wedding, Sim from Simone Photography.  Meeting him was nerve-wracking at first; I’m so out of my depth with this wedding planning it is ridiculous.  Within minutes we all (me, hubby-to-be, Boyo & Princess Pants) were at ease.  The children gave some great hi-5’s and the conversation was pretty easy.  So we are all booked up now and I am very much looking forward to working with him! :D

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