The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge – Week 1

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31st December 2012

Weight: 19st 10lb

Today, I decided to sign up to Weight Watchers.  I NEED to start losing weight.

However, I don’t actually start until tomorrow, for obvious reasons.   I’m excited and eagerly anticipating trying out the ProPoints system that Weight Watchers have.

My first target is 19st.  That’s a weight loss of 10lb.  I hope to have reached this by the 4th Feb.

1st January 2013

This is my first day on the diet and I’m not doing too badly.  I feel like shit though, 3 cups of coffee and 4 pints of water.  Sausage and mixed veg for dinner was satisfying but I fear I’ve now gone over today’s pro-points allowance with that sneaky mince pie.

This evening, thanks to my BFF, I discovered that the headache, scratchy eyes, dry mouth are all a result of the sudden change in my lifestyle.  My body can’t understand the changes.  Tomorrow should be better though.

2nd January 2013

I am currently writing this at 21.34 on Day 2 of the Weight Watchers ProPoints diet and guess what?  I’m not hungry.  I’ve got 14 points remaining for today and have eaten Shreddies with milk, a Cider & Apple Sausage sandwich, a Custard Cream (I was peckish but only had one), and a Cheese Toastie (shopping isn’t coming until tomorrow, it was that or chicken nuggets and chips… ;) ).

After my headache yesterday evening, I feel positively great today.  My body isn’t starved and 3 pints of water has worked a treat with those niggling, threatening hunger pangs.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting eating day, and I can’t wait to get my teeth around a ham sandwich at lunch time. :D

3rd January 2013

20.25 on day 3 and I’m positively brimming with enthusiasm.  Not only am I in this with my BFF (Sim at Sim’s Life) but Donna at Mummy Central is also fat busting this year..  If nothing else, seeing others doing it will make me realise I CAN do this. :)

I took ‘the’ photographs today… The one’s that I will use as inspiration to keep me motivated for the long haul.  I felt disgusted when I saw them; I can’t believe how fat I really am… But there’s nothing like an un-posed photograph to make you see the reality.

I’m looking forward to my first weigh-in next week.

4th January 2013

Today was a ‘danger day’ for me.  I visited my parents, and my diet was at the mercy of Mam’s amazing cooking.  She asked me what I fancied and the final decision was pork loin chops and stir-fry.  It was delicious.  :D And I didn’t even go over my ProPoints allowance!  Wowzer.

I’m still feeling positive and hoping that my weight loss will reflect my thinking this week.

5th January 2013

Another fab day, using just 22 of my points… My stomach has been filled with Cheerios, ham salad sandwiches, an orange, a banana and Cheesy Chicken and Bacon Parcels on a big bed of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots.  Nom nom nom..

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow because I have a children’s party and party food is always a big diet killer for me.  But with my brain starting to re-programme I’m hoping it won’t be so bad.

6th January 2013

We’re here!  We’re officially here!  The last day of my first week on the Weight Watchers food plan!  I’ll be honest, I buggered it up today!  Only because I had a party…. which meant…. I forgot to keep track of what I was eating… I was mindful to a point but those darned Pink Wafers asked me to eat them and (I was a bit of a wee piggy) ate 9 which totted up to a staggering 13 points, needless to say I don’t like them all that much anymore.  ;)

So, I should be weighing in tomorrow, but… the battery for my weighing scales hasn’t arrived yet.  I’m hoping it will be here tomorrow, so I can weigh in on Tuesday morning.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shown me so much support over the last week!  Especially my fat busting buddy, Sim (from Sim’s Life) and the ever-so-honest Donna (from Mummy Central).

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