Project 365 – Days 48-54

This week is just going to be a quickie for Project 365… I’m in the process of completing wedding stuff.  :D Squee!

Day 48 – We took a leisurely Sunday walk up the castle to feed the ducks (and swans).  Boyo and Princess Pants thoroughly enjoyed their walk, as did I.

Day 49 – My babies prove again how much they love each other… This time they both slept in Princess Pants’ toddler bed!

Day 50/51/52 & 53 – Wedding planning…. The idea for the favours… The printed RSVP cards and inserts for the invites!…. The outside of the invite!…. The prototype of the Order of Service!!! It’s all coming together.

Day 54 – Princess Pants announced she was going to ‘fix her bike’.  A future mechanic, maybe?


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