The one where I am disappointed in myself – #AA100

essayAfter the elation I felt when I received the results from my TMA03 for AA100, I’m very disappointed in the result for TMA04.  I found it considerably more difficult than the others.  Hubby-to-be had started his new job (considerable disruption considering the shifts) and I wrote it while coming down with a cold and the day I submitted I ended up with a stomach bug.  That being said, can I really blame my poor result on being under the weather?

There were two choices; one focused on English Christianity, the other on Shostakovich and dissent in music.  I, naturally, went for the one on English Christianity.  I figured that, even though I could have answered the latter far better, I would go for the one more closely related to the degree path I have chosen which focuses on medieval to modern social history.  At least, even with a poor result, I have a better idea of how to cope with this type of essay.

TMA04, the largest assignment to date at 1200 words, required far more disciplined organisation.  An essay plan was required; it didn’t have to be identical to the essay, just show a rough idea of how you get from A to B to C.  As I’ve said, I found this assignment far more difficult than the previous one, but at least, following the feedback I have received I now feel confident I know where to go when a similar assignment comes up!

I know where I went wrong; I understand how my results can be improved.  Despite my evident disappointment (I forced Boyo to read out my result) I know this course will not beat me!  I am at the half way point, I’m still averaging at a good pass and I’m only looking forward to the next assignment.

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