I did the inevitable…

I am afraid The Musing Housewife has been taking a back seat in my life at the moment.  So much has been happening that I have not had time to breath.  Over the past month, I have had some stunning news to digest which has had me rethinking my decision to continue studying A151, a course I really did not enjoy.  Over the past month, I have also had to buy a new wedding dress.  I am happy with my decision but it was still a bit of a shock.  Last Friday saw the end of filming with Media Wales for NTWales’ 50 things campaign.  We ended on a high at the Gower.  The weather was beautiful but the children struggled with the heat.

However, this week has seen me finally giving up on A151.  I posted last week that I really was not enjoying the course.  I felt like I was pulling teeth.  Last Saturday, I emailed my tutor explaining that I felt I could no longer continue with the course for a number of reasons.  I then explained to my assignment group why I could no longer continue.  I am grateful that everyone has been so understanding, but I am feeling a huge sense of guilt and feel like I have let myself down.

I did receive some fab news over the weekend though… I PASSED AA100.  I am so pleased with the result, you would not believe.  Roll on A200 in October.


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