An introduction to……..

2 months ago something huge happened in our lives… something so big that it will affect our lives for many years to come… it isn’t all that bad though… honest!


Today, I am 13 weeks pregnant!  In 27 weeks (give or take) we will be welcoming Baby Comma into our lives.  I have officially left the first trimester and all of its tiredness behind (I hope) and when I think of how little time there actually is between now and the arrival, I feel more than a little excited.

We found out on 17th June; the day after Father’s Day.  We had our first scan last week and it was the hardest day I’ve endured yet.
From the moment I found out, I couldn’t shake the feeling that baby’s heart wasn’t beating.  I even booked an early pregnancy reassurance scan in July and even once we had seen a heartbeat I couldn’t relax.

I went through a period of denial; thinking that we wouldn’t get a baby at the end.  I am now slightly more reassured, and realise that everything should actually be on my side!  We even lost a whole week of the pregnancy from my 28th February due date, to my new 21st February due date.  (Not that I think I’ll give birth around then!)

So, this week sees the commencement of my bump watch… There are no bump pictures at the moment as I’m still carrying the baby pouches from Boyo and Princess Pants (but I am 3.5st lighter!).  I can’t wait to start showing my bump off though!

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